Harry Outside, de Corinne Jacker


A famous and successful architect, Harry Harrison (after confinement for a mental breakdown), can no longer accept the restrictions and second-rate standards of modern society. He cannot even bear to stay indoors and has, instead, set up his studio in a clearing in the woods. As he labors on a new and absorbing project his life is intertwined with others, family and friends, who, in various ways, love and admire him. From this skillful, and often funny, interplay of characters and action emerges an incisive and affecting indictment of our contemporary way of life—capped by Harry's decision to destroy his secret project, lest it too become merely a "container for people," rather than the work of art it was intended to be.

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nr. personaje:

4 femei

3 barbati

gen: comedie
lungime: 2 acte

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