Historias íntimas del paraíso, de Jaime Salom Vidal


The play is a comic dramatisation of the creation of humankind. After a huge amount of work, Paradise is complete. God goes on a well-earned holiday, leaving Angel in charge. This is a promotion for Angel, and he intends to do the best job he can. The trees, birds and animals are all easy to care for, unlike the human who has just been created. Adam is only a few minutes old, yet already he is irritating Angel by asking constant questions. Adam knows very little about his new life as a human, yet he does notice that, while there are two of every other creature in Paradise, there only seems to be one of him. Thankfully, Angel remembers something about another human having been created. He and Adam set out to find it, and they eventually come across Lily. Unlike her male counterpart, Lily is not bemused by her own existence. Instead, she is rather dissatisfied with her creator’s handiwork and has a number of complaints. For instance, nobody bothered to consult her about Adam. She might have preferred a more handsome husband, or a taller one. Indeed, she might not have wished to be married at all. But God is still on holiday and cannot deal with her complaints, and so Lily makes the best of things. She devours the information about Paradise contained in Angel’s instruction manual, happily ignoring anything she does not agree with. To Angel’s horror, for example, she nonchalantly eats apples from a forbidden tree. Lily has no time for silly rules, and half suspects several things in Paradise are in fact mistakes – not least the amusing dangly bits between Adam’s legs.

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