Human Geography, de Finegan Kruckemeyer


This city, like every city, is about geography - human geography. It's about where these humans are placed, and the effect this has on others. Where do they meet and where do they miss? Where does it matter? and through the middle of Wagga, weaving amongst the human geography, there flows a river. and for a long time it's been quiet - the water hasn't intruded. and the people have become seeds in a dry place, silent and patient, waiting. But on this day, a storm has arrived. and the river has filled, and the seeds are dampened and awoken. their husks break, their senses are shocked into action, and en masse, they come to life. they cease their silence. they grow and threaten to intrude upon one another, humans forgetting their geography. . . and between them all - carried on the water, sent on a journey over many miles - there rides the body of a man.

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