Il cilindro, de Eduardo De Filippo


Two pairs of poor, under threat of eviction, they resort to a trick: Rita, the wife of the younger couple, pretends to be a prostitute in the house and attracts customers. After the prepayment, shows the bed, which, however, is occupied by her husband just died, causing the flight of customers. Antonio, the last customer conned back to get back his money and find the "dead" Rudolph, who has just got out of bed. As always, when the trick fails, intervenes Augustine, the other appears, the former custodian of the theater, wearing a cylinder and is able to send him away with the authority that comes him. Then Rita luring Attilio, an elderly widower who discovered the trick, offering half a million, to lie with Rita. But at the height drowsy. The four make him believe that everything happened according to his wishes. Attilio believes the staging and pay. But Rita, tired of that life, decides to join him in hopes of a better life.

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gen: comedie
lungime: 1 act

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