Il figlio di Pulcinella, de Eduardo De Filippo


In a Pizzeria Renato meet the young and the old and rich Nicola, suitors Mimmina, daughter of Baron Vofa-Vofa. It seems that the girl is persuaded to marry Nicola for interest. Meanwhile, the old Pulcinella, alone and shabby been expecting death, sitting on the balcony of his master, the Baron Vofa-Vofa and interacts with a lizard, Catarinella. The Baron remembers him simply to help to gather support in the election campaign; also other candidates are trying to use it for the same purpose. Nicola dies and Mimmina runs from Renato, with whom, we learn from a letter then, lives with little, but happily. Meanwhile, the son returns from America secret, John, born during the war and sold to an American. He also has the mask as his father, but with a gesture of rebellion, he decides to take it off. The old father dies now clear, as it is born the new Pulcinella, no more servile and submissive.

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gen: comedie
lungime: nu stiu

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