Il sindaco del rione Sanità, de Eduardo De Filippo


The "mayor" of the district Health is Barracano Antonio, who, with the help of his doctor, Fabio Della Ragione, which, however, intend to shirk collaboration, uses his charisma to administer justice according to their personal criteria, in the outside the state and above the parties. The targets Rafiluccio Santaniello, who confesses to wanting to kill his father Arturo, since these kicked him out of the house and forced starvation, along with girlfriend Rita pregnant a few months. Arturo Antonio convenes but the man does not accept that is interrupted by a stranger in his work. The mayor went personally by Arturo reduce it to more merciful, but these, scared, wounded him to death. Antonio prepares the crime is concealed and his death declared "natural causes" in order to avoid retaliation, and, at a dinner in which they participate and benefited murderers, takes leave to go to die. Fabio Della Ragione decides to continue the mission of Antonio, but to expose the truth, according to his conscience.

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gen: drama
lungime: 3 acte

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