La mala imagen, de Juan Mayorga


Edi and Lola are in a band together. Their financial backers want to have more of a creative say in their image. Lola tries to negotiate between those holding the purse strings and an increasingly resentful Edi, who feels he is being slowly edged out of the group. Edi has written a song about the Bogeyman. He wants to use a photograph he took of a Bogeyman in a park, waiting to take children away in a large sack. But the band’s backers have replaced Edi’s amateur photograph with a professional one. The Bogeyman figure is still there, but he is now played by a model. The Model muses aloud about how strange it is to dress up in different outfits to create false images for the camera. Over the course of time, the Model’s clothes change until he is turned into Edi’s Bogeyman. In the end, just as Lola insists once again that Edi’s song is un-singable, the Model/Bogeyman starts to sing. We do not know, however, whether anyone other than Edi can hear the music.

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