L'abito nuovo, de Eduardo De Filippo


In Naples, where the modest employee Crispucci Michele lives with her daughter Assuntina, comes the ex-wife with his circus. The young Concettino confided to a friend that you want to give up the marriage with Assuntina, because the girl's mother twenty years earlier had abandoned the family and was enriched allowing himself to wealthy lovers. But while Concettino Crispucci and discuss the reason for the waiver, comes the news of the death of the woman, trampled by his horses. Crispucci decides to give the inheritance of women, to preserve the good name of his daughter. But the trunks with clothes and jewelry cometh to the house of Michael during his absence and Concettino, convinced by shareholders to marry Assuntina, pushes the girl to run away with him. Michele back, wearing a new outfit, which denounces the compromise now accepted, but when she saw her daughter adorned with jewels of her mother, ready to run away with her boyfriend, sees in her the wife and, struck by grief, dies.

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gen: comedie
lungime: nu stiu

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