Le bugie con le gambe lunghe, de Eduardo De Filippo


Free Crowned lives with his sister Constance in genteel poverty. Graziella loves the young, his neighbor with a past as a prostitute, but hesitates to marry her not to endanger the marriage of Constance with Roberto, mature man and right-thinking. A pair of neighbors, Olga and Benedict, after yet another quarrel, come to ask for advice: Benedict lives, to work, away from Naples and his wife wants to join him, the man's confession that he knocked up a waitress. Benedict departed, Olga trusts instead of wanting to run away with an American officer. The officer leaves Olga pregnant, and this, not being able to attribute the absent husband, deceives Free. Benedict, opportunities to accept the child is not his. At the party for the baptism of the child, Free, seeing the triumph of hypocrisy, Graziella presents as rich heiress, forcing the guests to accept it.

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gen: comedie
lungime: nu stiu

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