Le voci di dentro, de Eduardo De Filippo


Alberto Saporito complaint, with his brother Charles, the murder of his seedy Aniello missing for a few days, by Cimmaruta, his neighbors. But when the police stormed into the house Cimmaruta without finding any evidence, Alberto slowly realizes that he dreamed it all. The Cimmaruta, acquitted, one by one, confess to Alberto to believe the killing possible, and end up blaming each other, trying to find out what evidence in its possession. Meanwhile, the brother takes advantage of the situation to steal a few things from Alberto. It is also to miss the old uncle Nicholas, who, considering useless talk, communicated with a silent language based on barrels and fireworks. Alberto risk arrest for reticence, while Cimmaruta hatch up a plan to suppress it. Finally Aniello Alberto reappears and only now can vent his anger towards immorality daily, to those who believed possible before attempting the crime to bribe him and then kill him.

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gen: comedie
lungime: 3 acte

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