Lumea întreagă (Die ganze Welt), de Theresia Walser


'When the guests do not come to the party, the party simply comes to the guests, whether they want it to or not. And Richard and Regina definitely do not want anything of the kind. Once, they used to celebrate wildly at length, travel a lot, go out often; today, hidden away in their large empty flat, they savour good food and seclusion alone as a couple. However, since the world has its own laws and people are damned to sociability, Richard and Regina suddenly find their neighbours, Dolf and Tina, standing in the doorway, armed with wine bottles and platters of schnitzels – the prelude to an anti-Strindbergian dance of death. With razor-sharp one-liners and a tremendous amount of fine detail, Theresia Walser and Karl-Heinz Ott observe what happens when a classic 'let's-talk-about-it' couple meet up with two passionate lovers of silence, when verbal exhibitionists encounter curmudgeons who hate company. Contrary lifestyles crash together, a conflict that is as comical as it is unsettling, but generates large quantities of frictional energy throughout as these passionate advocates of incompatible ways of being trade verbal blows that ultimately escalate into the physical.' (Rowohlt Theaterverlag)

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