Mia famiglia, de Eduardo De Filippo


Alberto and Elena Stigliano live together with their children Beppe and Rosaria, indifferent to one another. Beppe, who refused secure a job on the radio, he escapes with a friend in Paris, hoping for a career in film. Rosaria poses as a reckless girl, while Elena, assiduous player, confesses his debt to her husband who, in turn, has an extramarital affair. Alberto, traumatized by the events, stops talking and walks away from home, Elena, left the game, now has a dressmaking workshop. Alberto leaves his silence only to report to the police the return of his son, suspected of a murder that took place in France. A year later he married and Rosaria Beppe, found innocent, he worked on the radio. Only after clarifying a dialogue with her daughter, Alberto feels close to family, and from the warm greeting that caters to his wife, seems to want to go home.

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gen: comedie
lungime: 3 acte

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