Muttermale Fenster Blau, de Marianna Salzmann


A young man on a quest for his past. He spends the night in a tent outside his grandfather's house, but the grandfather does not recognise him straight away – a long time has passed since they saw each other last. The grandson becomes an intruder who threatens to shed light on the suppressed past. Why did the grandfather break off contact with his grandson? A young woman paints a window black so as to be even closer to her lover. They both dream of an impossible love affair. The two stories are intertwined fatefully. The encounter with his grandfather sends Lyosha on a journey into the unsuspected dark places of his own biography. (Badisches Staatstheater, Karlsruhe)

adaugat de roxanatenea

nr. personaje:

1 femeie

3 barbati

gen: drama
lungime: nu stiu

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