My Life, de Corinne Jacker


Poses a fascinating set of questions: why do we become what we are? And if we were able to go back in time, and deal with unanswered questions, would we really know any more about ourselves? Edward Howe, a young physicist whose life has reached a point of stasis, endeavors to discover his true self by recreating the people and events of his past: his parents; himself when younger; his first love; and the grandfather he hardly knew. As the play progresses the people of his fantasy, made real, coexist-exist with those of his present life: his parents grown older; and the girl with whom he is now involved; until a mosaic of mingled actions begins to form. But while the orchestration of his emotional rebirth expands Eddie's self-knowledge, it also teaches him that some scars never heal and that, although he may come to understand the past, he can never undo its power to influence the present, and the future, be it for good or ill.

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