Napoli Milionaria!, de Eduardo De Filippo


Gennaro Jovine, poor inhabitant of a "low" of Naples, during the war, helplessly the black bag that his wife Amalia and children are to survive, and, during an inspection of the police, is forced to pretend to be dead not to discover the goods . Gennaro was taken prisoner and Amalia maintains a friendship, not only for business, with the young Errico Settebellizze, while his daughter Maria Rosaria becomes pregnant with an American soldier, and the child becomes a car thief. Gennaro suddenly returns from captivity, while all the dead at his home celebrating the birthday of Errico. In the euphoria general nobody wants to hear his story. Gennaro leaves the room and goes to watch Rituccia, the youngest child, seriously ill. To provide the right medicine will be the accountant Spasiano, which Amalia, with the black bag, took away all that is good, "has to pass' a Nutt" to overcome the crisis of Rituccia, the family of Naples.

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gen: comedie
lungime: nu stiu

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