Natale in casa Cupiello, de Eduardo De Filippo


Luke Cupiello, like every Christmas, preparing the crib, between the disinterest of his wife Concetta and her son Tommasino, who despite the repeats that he does not like the crib. Then there are the constant bickering between the brother Pasqualino and Tommasino, both with the tic of the theft. Ninuccia, the other daughter, she decided to leave her husband for her lover Vittorio Nicolino, and to write a farewell letter; Concetta, in desperation, manages to have it delivered. The letter, however, happen in the hands of Luke, oblivious to everything, delivery in-law, who thus learned of the betrayal of his wife. During lunch on Christmas Eve, the two rivals, they found themselves faced by the carelessness of Luke, collide violently. Nicolino abandons Ninuccia and Luke, which had become suddenly aware of the situation, he falls into a state of unconsciousness. In the final delirium, Vittorio Luca exchanges for Nicolino and unintentionally ago reconcile the two lovers, and Tommasino finally say that the crib like.

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gen: comedie
lungime: nu stiu

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