Non ti pago, de Eduardo De Filippo


Ferdinand Quagliolo, manager of a bank lot passionate about the game, but eternal loser, house hunting in a bad way Bertolini, one of his employees, paid a visit to his loving daughter Stella and instead is always a winner. But the young man announces that it has even won a set of four in a dream, gave him precisely the deceased father of Ferdinand. Ferdinand steals the ticket because, in his view, his father simply wrong person: Bertolini in fact, lives in the former apartment of Quagliolo. After disquisitions with the pastor and furious quarrels with his family, accompanied by a gunshot, Quagliolo sells the ticket, but a curse in front of the portrait of the deceased whenever Bertolini will attempt to collect the win, they get it a disgrace. After a series of accidents, Bertolini decides to abandon the ticket. Satisfied, Ferdinand "withdraw" the curse and let Bertolini married Stella. The payout remains in the family.

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gen: comedie
lungime: 3 acte

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