Pâinea cea de toate zilele (Täglich Brot), de Gesine Danckwart


Five singles, who "want to make something of themselves", are struggling with and for themselves so as not to go under in the competitive arena. That makes them likeable, quite independently of how they present themselves. This play lives from the way it holds up a mirror to us: an elegant career woman who tries to force her lonely existence into orderly ways; an unemployed man who doesn't bother to dress, first bewailing his fate, then stirring things, and finally promoting his fresh start; a girl student, always nice to others, who dreams away her day in search of happiness; an irritating agency man who is always nosy but at his computer despairs about protective screens; and an apathetic waitress in a KFC outfit who gets through her monotonous day by constantly complaining. As individuals or in groups, they talk themselves, phrase by phrase, into their own (our?) disturbed identities. And day after day, after they have been manoevred by the alarm clock, strident as a works siren, back nto the nightmare known as life. (Pamela Jahn in the Tagesspiegel)

adaugat de roxanatenea

nr. personaje:

3 femei

2 barbati

gen: drama
lungime: 1 act

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