Parasiten, de Marius von Mayenburg


Old Multscher fell asleep at the wheel of his car and ran Ringo over. Since then Ringo has been in a wheelchair, won't leave his apartment, and has to rely on his girlfriend Betsi to nurse him. He doesn't like the fact that Betsi has temporarily taken in her sister Friderike, who has been found unconscious at the side of the motorway. Friderike is pregnant and keeps threatening to kill herself. Petrik, her husband, has previously cared little for her, but now he comes to Betsi's flat with suspect offers of reconciliation. Multscher, who cannot bear the burden of his guilt, has also found his way there. On a hot summer's day all five get caught up in a grim fight about and with each other. Demands for deliverance are made, caring becomes clinging. Friderike swallows pills and survives. The paralysed Ringo tries to escape. They are all going to pieces and need each other to survive.

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