Piaţa Roosvelt (Das Leben auf der Praca Roosevelt), de Dea Loher


Praça Roosevelt is a square in the heart of Sao Paulo: offices, brothels, bars, a bingo-hall, a tailor who does alterations ... The jobless Raimundo, known as Mundo, simply sat down on this square and stayed there. He is almost completely covered by a black plastic bag and sometimes he smokes a cigarette. The life-stories of individual characters criss-cross, mostly by chance and often only fleetingly, on this plaza and around Mundo who is a good listener. Here there gets under way the story of the policeman who doesn't involve himself in dirty business but one evening sees his son selling drugs. Here Concha, a secretary with cancer, meets her best girl-friend, Aurora, a transvestite. Here Concha's boss, a weapons manufacturer who has dismissed all his employees, falls in love with bingo. We also meet a man wearing a suit and carrying a case and a mobile phone, Maria and her double, a man with elephantiasis, Susana a supernaturally beautiful transvestite, a woman with bones ... Dea Loher's play describes life in a big city where everyone is lonely and yet all keep an eye on one another. But when a husband and wife see something like a black swan on the plaza, the fateful end of a father's search for his son announces itself". (Thalia Theater Hamburg)

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3 femei

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gen: drama
lungime: nu stiu

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