Queen Of the Snakepit, de Finegan Kruckemeyer


Queen of the Snakepit is a theatrical collage of Flinders Island, and the women who have shaped it. "the men go out to sea each day. and their life is tough, but at least they have that. It's the women who stay. and sometimes it's hard to see a thing from the inside. So you send them away - you send them away, not forever, just so they can look back". This is one woman's reflections on those who have come before her: Myrtle and her cats, the girl Rosie standing at the window, and the matriarch Queenie, sitting in the back of the bar, in the Snakepit, there where the wind won't touch her. In here, the bar is always open, and there's a secret waiting at the bottom of every glass.

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gen: drama
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