Questi fantasmi!, de Eduardo De Filippo


Come to live in an apartment Lojacono Pasquale and his wife Maria. Unbeknownst to Maria, Pasquale has an agreement with the owner, to which, in exchange for lodging, will dispel the rumors about the existence of ghosts in the house. Pasquale runs into Alfredo, his wife's lover, and mistakes him for a ghost. With his next-door neighbor, Professor Santanna, silent and invisible witness of what happens in the house, maintains long monologues. Gifts Alfredo allow the couple some benesssere and Pasquale, feeling benefited from the ghost, does not arise too many questions. Could not stand the equivocal connivance demonstrated by her husband, Maria decides to run away with Alfredo, but his family come from Pasquale to denounce adultery and are in turn mistaken for ghosts. Alfredo comes back with his wife and Pasquale, without donations, is in trouble: when reunited with Alfredo, eager to embrace Mary, recognizes him as "ghost" and reveals his love for his wife and the pain of not ensure them a dignified life. Alfredo, moved by these words, it is to the game and gives the money to Pasquale desired.

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