Relatively Speaking, de Alan Ayckbourn


Ginny’s bed-sit in London in the ‘60s: Greg is in bed when the phone rings, but the caller hangs up. Greg met Ginny only a month ago but wants to marry her; Ginny won’t accept until she has persuaded her former married lover to stop harassing her with chocolates and flowers – and to secure some compromising letters. Greg meanwhile is intrigued by a pair of slippers in the bedroom that aren’t his. Sidestepping questions about the slippers, Ginny proposes to see her parents, who are apparently unaware of Greg’s existence. She leaves and Greg finds a note of the address and decides to follow and surprise her. He packs the slippers in his bag.Unfortunately, Ginny is not going to see her parents, but her former lover.Greg arrives at Philip and Sheila’s house, The Willows, in Lower Pendon, in advance of Ginny. He meets the couple, whom he assumes are Ginny’s parents, and all have a conversation at odds with each other, leaving each other none the wiser who everyone else is. Ginny arrives and meets a bewildered Sheila, who has no idea who the newcomer is either.

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