Requiem for the Twentieth Century, de Tee O'Neill


At the turn of the century, Cassandra is bestowed an unusual gift from the Russian mystic and prophet Rasputin. Granted eternal youth, Cassandra falls passionately in love with an Australian light horseman she meets in Egypt, but is nevertheless unable to alter the terrible events that unfold before her eyes, events that will change the course of history forever. She travels through time and geography from Gallipoli to Geurnica and from Berlin to Britain. She works with theatrical tyrants Meyerhold and Lorca, interviews Picasso and Dali, sings with Marlene in the Tingle Tangle Club and meets Madame Curie as her doomed devotion to the handsome Australian soldier shapes her life. A love story, embracing all the passion, ideas and fashion of these turbulent and inspiring times.

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gen: drama
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