Road, The, de Edwin Sanchez


Ralphy a young gay man is dying of AIDS and vents his rage at this on his parents. Ralphy wants to watch "I Love Lucy" on television but both his parents hate the show. But they give in and let him because: "You're the only gay in our lives and that's why you're dying". Ralphy gets a gun and repeatedly shoots them - but they do not fall down. It is only a dream. Ralphy can no longer stay with his parents - so he leaves and hitch-hikes across America sending his parents a constant stream of abusive and angry letters. All the time he is getting sicker. At home his mother and father have to face hard truths about their son and their now sexless marriage. They are decent people trying to do the right thing but not understanding their son's attitude to them. Then they discover where he is and they are face with the decision whether to leave him there as he wants or to bring him home to die.

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gen: drama
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