Ruby Bruised, de Finegan Kruckemeyer


Ruby was magic. At aged 4, she discovered she spoke twelve languages. Her favourite game was to ring people in other countries, and find out what their hobbies were... at 12, Ruby found she could clone herself as she saw fit. In her first school photo, she took up eight of the twenty-one seats... Ruby Bruised could see through walls. By the time she was 16, she had seen her parents have sex over a thousand times... at 18, Ruby discovered jealousy and decided she wanted what everyone else had. For one day in June, she possessed all the world's sickness... at 22, Ruby found a magic lamp, and rubbed it. the genie that came out saw her and all her power - and he told her what he wished for... at 27, Ruby Bruised completed the life-long construction of a metal skin, borne from an early desire to protect an aching heart. On its debut wearing, her boyfriend dumped her. By the following morning, her cheeks had rusted... at 30, Ruby Bruised lost her reflection. No one noticed... at 34, Ruby Bruise told herself the truth - and all her powers were gone...... Come meet Ruby.

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gen: comedie
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