Sik-Sik, l'artefice magico, de Eduardo De Filippo


Sik-Sik performs as a magician in a third-rate theaters with his wife, Georgetta, visibly pregnant. One evening appears Nicholas, who confused among the spectators, ensures the success of his numbers, missing the appointment and the magician is forced to replace it with Rafele, the first happened. At the last minute presents Nicholas. The two "shoulders" quarrel among themselves and lose, unbeknownst to Sik-Sik, the padlock made up, by the number of the disappearance of Georgetta, and the white dove. The games fail miserably: Georgetta, a prisoner in the trunk, is liberated by her husband with a hammer and a chicken in black appears, under the hat of Rafele, instead of the dove. The curtain falls.

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gen: comedie
lungime: 1 act

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