So wild ist es in unseren Wäldern schon lange nicht mehr, de Theresia Walser


In a heavenly comedy of hell on earth, the dramatist brings together her characters on a bench in front of a city railway station, frequented by down-and-outs. Three couples, each of which has a child, have a rendezvous in this place. In the first scene a Turk is waiting near the bench for his wife while Luzi, a little girl from the "cook's school", carries around old dough in a plastic bag and sees birds-nests floating above her head. In the next scene a Pole waits for his brother's wife while Irene, dressed in a bearskin coat and spurred boots, wonders what women wear when their men come home and experiences the city as an amazing love letter directed to her. And in the final scene a Greek with a meat-grill strapped to his back is waiting for his Sybilla to make up her mind while Nathalie, the girl with the "tablecloth", hopes for a dance-ship. These three "scenes from society" are framed by episodes with three boys - caled A, B, and C - who dream of a higher life in a film which they believe to be their existence. Three times life with three different couples experiencing heaven and hell in different ways in the same situation. Real life is a chimaera. Death is also touched on as another theme. And each time it is the wrong death. The couples - Rita and Hans Rudi, Brax, and Helga, and Friedel and Marie - go under, each on its own. The first couple's child no longer has a face; it has been bitten off by a bear. The second child has disguised itself as a black woman, seeking her man beneath ruins. Friedel and Marie's child is executed as a murderer. (Klaus Völker in the Mülheim Theatre Days programme)

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