Strike Up the Band, de George S. Kaufman


Horace J. Fletcher, proud owner of the Fletcher American Cheese Co., is outraged when Switzerland protests a tariff on imported cheese and convinces the U.S. government to declare a war. He offers to finance the war personally—as long as the war is named after him:"The Horace J. Fletcher Memorial War." "What did the government make out of the last one, handling it themselves? Nothing!" The Swiss Hotel Owners Association invites the war to be held there, and Fletcher goes overseas, accompanied by a wealthy matron who would like to marry him, his daughter Joan, and the newspaperman with whom she is in love, Jim Townsend, who has publicly criticized both the war and the quality of milk going into his cheese. A traitor in the works, Edgar Sloane has been diluted Fletcher's milk, backstabbing the American army and trying to make off with Jim's girl. Luckily, a Secret Service operative named George Spelvin reveals Sloane's treachery and saves the day. Let the trumpets sound!

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gen: comedie
lungime: nu stiu

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