Tea-Totaled, de John Walch


I don’t recommend puking in a ficus tree. It’s really hard to get that smell out of the potting soil,” comments Truly--the beautifully damaged middle-school history teacher who stubbornly refuses to examine her own history. But when a mint green floral tea pot from Occupied Japan, an enamel tea cup from the American Revolution, and other ancient tea sets begin arriving at her door, Truly comes face to face with her own past and the dying mother she has tried to beat from her memory. As Truly sifts through the shards of her broken relationship with her mother, her own relationships begin to break apart, and she is forced to confront the tyranny of her own perspective. Steeped in ferocity with lumps of quirky humor, Tea-Totaled, explores the fragility of human relationships, the addictive nature of negativity, and how personal desolation and a post office box in a Mail Boxes Etc. might just lead you to discover the beauty in your own and others imperfections.

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gen: drama
lungime: 1 act

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