Teatru descompus, de Matei Visniec


The texts gathered under this title are actually theatrical modules to assemble.The author imposed no specific order. These texts are like the fragments of a broken mirror. At one time, the object existed in perfect condition. It reflected the sky, the world, and the human soul. And there was - no one knows when or why - the explosion. The remaining pieces are undoubtedly part of the original substance. And it is within this adherence to the original substance that their unity resides, their perfume, their atmospheric identity.For the rest, the game lies in trying to reconstruct the original object. But to do so is impossible because no one has ever seen the original mirror, or knows how it used to be. And perhaps certain pieces are missing… Nevertheless, the task is fascinating because each time we assemble the modules, we still construct something… a mirror that is never perfect, but reflects many things. The game has no end. It can also enable the actors to search, each time they perform, for another story, another mirror.With these monologues, which invite the construction of a whole, the author would like to impose upon the director a single constraint: absolute liberty.

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