Tell-Tale, de Erik Jackson


Lenore Usher is not a well woman. The author of a sensational bestselling book and recently divorced from her rich diet-doctor husband, agorophobic Lenore has sealed herself up in her penthouse overlooking Central Park. Apart from her ex-husband's pet raven, Poe, Lenore only has the company of her (seemingly) trusty housekeeper, Cora, who tends to her every need. But nothing here is what it seems. What Lenore doesn't know is that her ex is plotting to kill her to end the alimony drain on his fortune. He hires a hunky young stud to pose as a pizza delivery boy and to get inside Lenore's apartment. Lenore kills him and, in her panic, dismembers him, hiding his body parts throughout her apartment. But his buried pager's incessant beeping begins to drive her mad. Meanwhile, Cora has been having an affair with Lenore's ex-husband and has been plotting against her. Will Lenore be able to outsmart this diabolical duo, or will she fall prey to their murderous mission? When all three converge in the apartment one dark and stormy night, only one of them will emerge alive. The Associated Press says Tell-Tale is "an evening of divine outrageousness." In Theater magazine calls it ""an Edgar-Allan-Poe-meets-Carol-Burnett two-fister that is delightful from start to finish."

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