The Hide-And-Seek Odyssey Of Madeleine Gimple,, de Frank Gagliano


Madeline Gimple is an orphan who invents herself parents (Hansel and Gretel Gimple) and concocts all manner of outlandish stories about them to convince herself-and others-that they truly exist. She is also set upon by the Balloon Man, a villainous creature who is responsible for any number of nefarious schemes, including making people buy things just to create litter. This, of course, complicates the life of the Litterman who, with Steve, Chris and alphonse (three versions of the same character and played by the same actor) contrives to save Madeline from the Balloon Man and give him his comeuppance. Filled with fast-paced action, charming songs and dazzling magic tricks, the play is a constant joy and a theatrical event unique of its kind.

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