Tommaso d'Amalfi, de Eduardo De Filippo


In Naples, in 1647, the young fishmonger Thomas D'Amalfi, said Masaniello, driving the revolt against the "tax collectors" to protest against the high taxes imposed on the people. The revolution is spreading, and the Viceroy is forced to make some concessions. Behind The evil of the cardinal, the Viceroy ago convene Masaniello in court, however, imposing on to dress like an aristocrat. The young man falls into the trap, while the people begins to suspect the loyalty of young rabble rouser. The Viceroy, relying on the distrust of the rioters, he spread the word that Masaniello is crazy and people are clamoring imprisonment. But the cops of the Viceroy end up killing him. Only the funeral, the people understand that they have suffered once more devious games of the oppressors.

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gen: comedie
lungime: 2 acte

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