Toys in the Attic, de Lillian Hellman


Toys in the Attic Playbill cover for Toys in the Attic at Hudson Theatre Written by Lillian Hellman Date premiered February 25, 1960 Place premiered Hudson Theatre New York City Original language English Subject A dysfunctional family Genre Drama Setting New Orleans Toys in the Attic is a 1960 play by Lillian Hellman. Contents 1 Plot 2 Background 3 Original production 3.1 Cast 4 Critical reception 5 Awards and nominations 6 Film adaptation 7 Off-Broadway revival 8 References 9 External links Plot Set in New Orleans following the Great Depression, the play focuses on the Berniers sisters, two middle-aged spinsters who have sacrificed their own ambitions to look after their ne'er-do-well younger brother Julian, whose grandiose dreams repeatedly lead to financial disasters. When he unexpectedly returns home accompanied by his emotionally unstable, childlike young bride Lily, her aloof, aristocratic mother Albertine, and an unexplained large sum of money, Carrie and Anna suddenly find that the position of power they have always held has become unbalanced, leaving their lives in chaos.

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