Trafficking In Broken Hearts, de Edwin Sanchez


Papo is a 26 year year old hustler - who is now past his prime - and not earning as much as he did when he first hit the streets at 14. Brian is the same age, a business man and has never had any sexual contact with anyone. He is addicted to telephone sex and is by turns desperate and afraid to have sex. Bobby is a 16 year old runaway. His two elder brothers repeatdly used him as a sex object and even had him dressing up in their mother's clothes when they had sex with him. The parents discover some photographs the older boys have taken during these sex sessions. The older boys are sent to Boot Camp and Bobby to a mental institution. Bobby loves one of his brothers - despite everything and when he hears that Reggie is to be married he escapes from the institution, buys a knife and heads for New York. Meanwhile Brian has summoned up enough courage to go to Times Square to look for a partner. He meets Papo who persuades him to enter an adult bookshop and go into a film booth. Brian rejects having sex there - he tells Papo he only wants to talk. Papo wants paying for his time but Brian does not have much money with him so he buys a jumper for him with a credit card. They go to Papo's room but Brian is afraid to do anything. Later Papo is cruising the bus station he meets Bobby. He tries to tell Bobby how to look after himself but can see the youngster is vunerable. So he takes him back to his room for one night only. But Bobby moves in and persuades Papo to let him call him Reggie and that Papo must call him Baby. When Papo tries to get him to move out Bobby attacks him with the knife and slashes the sleeve of the jumper. Papo and Brian meet again on the street and Papo offers Brian a freebie but Brian is too scared. Papo says he wants to be friends but Brian will have none of it. Bobby is living a domestic fantasy at Papo's room with them as a couple and whilst Papo is "at work" he cooks and cleans. Papo has realised much to his surprise that he is in love with both Bobby and Brian. Bobby tells Papo it is his birthday and Papo goes out to buy a cake but meets Brian. They go to a restaurant - but some of Papo's behaviour embarrasses Brian, but they do eventually end up at Brian's place for the night. Papo is behind with the rentand he gives the owner Bobby as payment. Papo stands outside Brian's apartment. Brian has gone cold again and wont have anything to do with him. After a near violent confrontation Brian admits his feelings for Papo. Papo decides that staying with Brian who has money would be better than staying with Bobby who has none and is loosing his grip on reality. He tells Bobby he is moving in with Brian. Bobby leaps to his death from the window of the room.

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