Try This for Size OR Moustaches, Muffs & Minstrels, de Jon Gadsby


his is pretty much Victorian Melodrama. The poor widow and her beautiful daughter live in a rat-infested hovel, continually pestered by their landlord, the wicked Sir Jasper Dreadful. Sir Jasper wants both the rent in arrears, and the daughter’s hand in marriage. Otherwise he will cast them out into the snow. However, the daughter has fallen in love with a failed Law Student, travelling minstrel and sometime busker. Her heart beats for him alone. During the piece, Sir Jasper continues to pursue the daughter until it is revealed that her Mother and Sir Jasper had a brief affair when they were young and the daughter is the result of that liaison. At first this does not deter Sir Jasper’s ardour until the Minstrel strikes back, now armed with his Law Degree and reveals that Sir Jasper unwittingly gave all his property to his first born child in an attempt at tax evasion. Now it is Sir Jasper who is about to be thrown out into the snow, until the widow reveals that she still loves him and much to his dismay he is forced to stay with her forever as her life-partner and reluctant lover.

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gen: comedie
lungime: 1 act

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