Un hombre en la puerta, de Jaime Salom Vidal


When Victor was a young man, he renounced his privileged upbringing and left home to make his way as a political activist. He risked his life distributing anti-government propaganda. Then, when his party finally became part of the establishment, he forged out a successful political career that has taken him almost to the top. Yet, as the play begins, Victor’s political dreams are in tatters. He has just given a speech, criticising the party’s leadership for being undemocratic. None of his colleagues was prepared to support his call for organisational change, and, as a result, Victor faces the prospect of having to abandon the party he loves. Wanting to avoid the media after his controversial speech, Victor takes refuge in the home of his former lover, Miriam. They first met over 20 years ago, when Victor was a young activist being chased by police. Hoping to avoid arrest, Victor ran through the first unlocked front door he came to. Miriam was behind this door. She worked as a dancer, entertaining male audiences every night with her scantily-clad routines. They could not have been from more different backgrounds, but the chemistry between Victor and Miriam was obvious from the start and they soon embarked on a passionate romance. This was Victor’s first experience of love, and it is one he has never forgotten.

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