Un homme trop facile, de Eric - Emmanuel Schmitt


Alex, an immensely popular actor, is about to make his first appearance in The Misanthrope, when a figure looms up in his dressing-room mirror. The intruder is Alceste, Molière’s grumpy misanthrope, who forbids Alex to embody him, on the grounds that the actor is too agreeable, too likable, too tolerant and generally too dissimilar. After the initial shock, conversation gets going between Molière’s character determined to change the world and the actor who accepts it as it is. Despite frequent interruptions, as actors burst in excitedly from their first night, a sparring match ensues that pits the protestations of the outraged idealist against the easy-going libertine who laughs off society’s failing. And, naturally, each wants to win for himself the favours of the elusive Célimène…

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