Victory, de Athol Fugard


Set in the New South Africa (after the first free election in 1994), this play features two adolescents, Vicky and Freddie, from Pienaarsig, the township in Nieu Bethesda that separates the coloreds from the whites. When she was alive, Vicky's mother worked as a maid for Lionel and his wife. Now, Vicky and Freddie have come to rob Lionel's house. Lionel discovers them, and this leads to a night of dialogue in which Vicky and Freddie reveal the hardships of their lives in poverty, with neither education nor jobs. Freddie is aiming for a life of crime in Cape Town, where he plans to join a gang and sell drugs, bringing Vicky with him. His hatred for Lionel stems from his own powerlessness and the mistaken belief that Lionel sexually abused Vicky. Feeling betrayed, Lionel appeals to Vicky hoping to redeem himself and to offer her more help. He is shot by accident, however, and Freddie flees the scene while Vicky sings a gospel hymn and calls out for her mommie. A play of both hope and hopelessness, VICTORY reflects the violence and despair of many of the young in South Africa who have little prospect of a constructive future.

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nr. personaje:

1 femeie

2 barbati

gen: drama
lungime: 2 acte

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