We are blood, de Fritz Kater


The author postulates a correlation between the body stricken by illness and natural disasters with social causes. In their different ways, both systems are putting up resistance to excessive interference from outside. 1985, an industrial landscape in Brandenburg: Tim, a gifted engineer, receives a lucrative offer to go to Burundi. Career or family? Yves, his pregnant girlfriend, a journalist censored and intimidated by the organs of the GDR state, despairingly wishes she could retreat into the private sphere. 2008, somewhere in the same area. Yves is highly committed to her work as a nurse at a hospital. She particularly takes the 15-year-old Justin, who is suffering from cancer, and Beni, whose brain was badly affected after a car accident, under her wing. Beni's sister, Lisa, returns to her old home. She meets Raffael and Tom, her former lovers. The two are both radicals, but hold diametrically opposed beliefs. One is an environmental activist who would resort to any means to halt the continued plundering of nature, the other is an entrepreneur who cares mainly about the bottom line and wants to build a gigantic leisure park for tourists interested in the cranes that live in the region.

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gen: drama
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