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Ladies Night
The air is thick with male jargon at the local pub where the friends meet to drink, talk and laugh themselves out of their somewhat sad lives, dominated by unemployment, broken hearts and dept. In the middle of all this, a bright idea emerges – the guys are going to score a lot of money by taking off their clothes. They intend to arrange a strip show á la The Chippendales, and it is going to take place at the local pub. The guys gang up with the experienced and aging stripper Glenda, and their project turns their lives upside down. They are not only revealing their naked bodies, but also their inner self, whilst they fight with their self-confidence, depression, ex-wives, weight issues and of course those damn steps!
The Front Page
The story takes place in an editorial office. The journalist Hildy wants to take a break from his job and looks forward to his belated honeymoon. Suddenly the story of a prisoner, who is on the run, falls into his hands. He hides the scoop in the cabinet of his desk in order to keep the story for himself and calls the managing editor. Some gangsters want to have a talk with the escaped prisoner but a boy scout troop, the major and a cleaning lady get in their way – and this is just to mention a few of them.

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Biografie Charles MacArthur 

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Charles MacArthur

Charles MacArthur s-a nascut la data de 5 noiembrie 1895 in , SUA.

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