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Down from Heaven
The playwright explores the harshness and beauty of humanity in the face of impending apocalypse. The story follows the well-to-do Braumbach family, who are quarantined in the basement of their luxurious home. Outside, society teeters on the verge of collapse as a pandemic and food crisis rip apart the old order.
A boy is diagnosed with having auto immune disease, a group of mercenaries are tired of fighting. A rich man's garden has the blight
The play follows an elderly Estonian man on a journey he's fantasized about for a long time: heading back to Estonia from Canada, where he fled during the Second World War. It is set in 1995, four years after Estonia had reclaimed its independence. Eighty-year-old Toomas, diabetic but headstrong, travels with his son Wendall to reclaim his family's home. But they arrive to find three Russian women (Yanna, 79, Elina, 34, and her 15-year-old daughter Sonya) occupying the house, the only home they've known for many years.
After a mysterious absence of many years, Carlyle returns home. Is she a rainmaker as she claims?
The Living
A documentary play, inspired by the actual stories of women and girls who survived trauma in post-conflict zones, examines the lives of victims and perpetrators, post-genocide, who live side-by-side in government-issued housing, and NGO-funded campaigns to encourage reconciliation in hopes that the impossible act of forgiveness can end the cycle of revenge. Jacqui and Henry have known each other since primary school. Henry rescued Jacqui during the genocide but was part of the mob that killed her father and brother. Their relationship challenges the vengeful hearts of the community. Henry and Jacqui struggle to move on by reimagining idyllic memories of their childhood despite the war’s aftermath: AIDS, perpetrators returning from prison facing their own guilty consciences, husbands and wives who barely recognize each other, ghosts of the dead, revenge festering in hearts and minds, imposed notions of reconciliation, and a crisis of faith. And in the middle: impossible love, and a radical approach to reconciliation – transformative justice.
The Monument
The play investigates the possibility of forgiveness when a young soldier convicted of raping and murdering 23 women is saved from execution by a woman on condition that he will come with her and do everything she tells him for the rest of his life. She hopes he knows where to find her missing daughter. But her first act is to chop off his ear, tether him by the neck and beat him for not knowing the difference between the truth and a lie, between good and evil. She then subjects him to a series of tests of his humanity, including the unearthing of the women he has murdered in order to construct a monument. The scenario is based on the atrocities of the Bosnian War.
The Morning Bird
30 something Beth is pregnant. Doreen a middle aged woman with a past is homeless and suffering from a mental breakdown.

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Colleen Wagner

Colleen Wagner s-a nascut la data de in Elk Point, Alberta, Canada.

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