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Augury: Trial, Tribulation and Triumph in the Life of Emily Stowe
Augury examines the life of Canada's first "openly female" physician throught the eyes of 3 medical women: Emily, her mother Hannah, midwife & herbalist, & her daughter Augusta, Canada's first female medical student
The extraordinary story of two recently freed slaves, husband and wife, journeying to the north in search of a new life. When they encounter a white woman fighting for the suffrage movement, they become entwined in the social upheaval that epitomized post Civil War America.
Two pregnant women are stuck in an elevator. A play about laughter, love and choice - is being trapped a state of mind? Is "up-or-down" the only way to go?
Home is my Road
Examines the role of international adoption in the cultural genocide of the Roma (Gypsy) people. Two Canadian women trace parallel routes in Romania; Grace is desperately trying to adopt a baby while Esme searches for her birth mother. Their lives intersect with a Roma family struggling for their survival in the post-communist revolution.
How Do I Love Thee?
A play about love; the love of poetry and the poetry of love, from the perspective of two of the world's most celebrated poets. Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. The play traces the sixteen year arc of their courtship, elopement and marriage, ending in Elizabeth's death due to opiate addiction.
Evelyn MacMillan, wife and mother of three, has vanished without a trace. When Detective Carol Seaforth is brought in to investigate, the MacMillan's rural, Southern Ontario town is turned upside down to uncover the truth behind Evelyn's disappearance. As Carol grows closer to Evelyn's husband and withdraws from her own marriage, long hidden secrets bubble to the surface, eventually bringing the investigation to a diner on the outskirts of London, Ontario.
Recipe for Tomato Butter
Maeve, a sixty-one year old woman contemplating God, tomatoes, and September 11, reaches across the fence to her neighbours, a Middle Eastern woman and her kids.
Take Care of Me
The journey of a professional woman in the arena of male experience, a comedic satire on parents and partners struggling in the world of corporate hierarchy. Sissy's development scheme sends everyone into their worst nightmares and their wildest dreams, especially when gender roles get reversed.

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Florence Gibson MacDonald

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