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Adult Entertainment
Max a police detective and Jayne a lawyer have met in a seedy motel for illicit sex. Then Donny Max's police partner turns up and so does Pam a friend of Jayne
Ambush at Tether's End
And So It Goes
The story of a middle-class family’s struggle with financial ruin and a schizophrenic daughter.
Bagdad Saloon
Gertrude Stein, Doc Holiday and Henry Miller find themselves in a desert with an odd assortment of people.
Beautiful City
Property developer Tony Raft has had architect Paul Gallagher design a new shopping mall - one with underground passages for the shop owners to use to come and go so as to keep them away from the hoi-polloi. Paul is taken ill in Tony Raft's office. At the hospital he becomes embroiled with a number of odd people. A nurse whose mother is a witch. The witch's brother-in-law a low level criminal and his very dangerous son. Tony Raft's mother who may be in the Mafia. Conflict arises between them with Paul in the middle.
Better Living
About a family faced with the return of their abusive patriarch ten years after they tried to kill him. The three daughters find idiosyncratic ways to deal with their dysfunctional parents. The mother's out-of-the-ordinary ideas include taking a jackhammer to the basement floor to build a cavern where the family can live better. The father, an ex-cop, commandeers his wife's project, putting the whole family into survivalist mode.
Beyond Mozambique
Six white people in Mozambique: a porn star; a former Nazi death camp doctor; a disgraced Mountie; a Greek gigolo; someone who thinks she is in a Chekhov play and a drug addicted priest
Criminal Genius
Rolly and Stevie are a father and son crime team. But they have recently made a vow to do crime non-violently. Shirley asks Rolly and Stevie to burn down a restaurant, but they kidnap Amanda the chef instead. Amanda’s father, Mike, hired Shirley in the first place. Amanda escapes with the help of Stevie, and they then torch Mike’s restaurant. Meanwhile, Rolly feels kind of bad about screwing up, so he goes back to burn something and burns himself half-up in the process. Now Mike is really mad. Can anybody get out of Room 5 alive?
Criminals in Love
Escape From Happiness
Escape from Happiness takes place in the kitchen of an old, slightly rundown house in a not-so-classy section of a large city. It's home to Nora, a good-natured, slow-moving, fairly batty middle-aged woman; her daughter Gail, who is tough, sensible, and a little high-strung; Gail's husband Junior, an affable but rather dim fellow. Also living here is Tom, who is dying of some unspecified disease; Tom is, according to Nora, a stranger who looks exactly like (and coincidentally has the same name as) her husband, who deserted the family ten years ago after trying to burn down the house.
Featuring Loretta
Loretta is an attractive woman whose life is in shambles. Pregnant, her husband dead (he was eaten by bears), she has moved to another part of the country, where she waitresses and variously dreams of being a calendar girl, a porn star or an exotic dancer in Japan. Ensconced in a suburban motel - the same one where Carol later schemes - she is hounded by phone calls from her family, her dead husband's family, and others, all of whom would like her to make better choices than she has before.
Filthy Rich
Tyrone is a virtual recluse - getting drunk and trying to write a novel. Two sisters burst into his apartment and say that he is the only person who can solve the mystery of a kidnapped politician. A telegram delivery boy arrives and stays to become Tyrone's sidekick. Then there is the detective who thinks that Tyrone kidnapped the politician and the Mafia boss who thinks he knows too much.
A cynical reporter tries to find out who murdered the darling of the local avant garde scene.
King of Thieves
Master thief Mac and his equally crooked father-in-law, Peachum, are coerced by the FBI into mounting a sting operation against a cadre of corrupt bankers. Instead, they soon hatch schemes of their own. A nightclub cabaret in 1928 New York is the setting for this musical tale of deception, double-cross and sudden demise. Inspired by the 18th-century classic The Beggar’s Opera, this trenchantly satirical new play with songs exposes a world of corporate crime that’s all too familiar today.
Nothing Sacred
It is 1859, and under the leadership of progressive Czar Alexander II, Russia is rushing pell-mell from the 11th century to the 19th. Serfdom has been abolished, and something approaching parliamentary democracy has been installed. Arkady, a fresh college graduate, proceeds with his friend Bazarov, a charismatic nihilist, to the estate of his father, a down-at-the-heels gentleman farmer. It appears as though dad and the housekeeper have just had a child, and dad is deeply in love - although their difference in class makes marriage impossible to contemplate. Arkady, enraptured with the new thought he learned at college, is eager to impact the New Russia, though he has no idea how. Bazarov, who has burnished his fashionable cynicism to a near-blinding sheen, has resolved to say or think nothing which is not 'useful.' It is surprising, still, how talkative he is. As we learn only at the end of the first Act, Arkady's uncle Pavel, a Europeanized dandy, has begun to stalk Bazarov's mistress, Anna - because he was in love with Anna's late mother.
Prince of Naples
Problem Child
R.J. and Denise want their baby daughter back, but with R.J. completely immersed in the Drama of Jerry Springer and Denise being one snide comment away from drastic action, will they be successful? With the aid of Phillie, a drunken motel employee, Denise plots the kidnapping of her daughter from her foster home. The only impediment is Helen, a social worker bent on instilling morality and politeness in a woman too far gone to be changed.
Rumours of Our Death
A King completely out of touch with his subjects is leading the country into war. The Princess according to rumours has been kidnapped. And there are zombies about.
The Art Of War
Investigative reporter Tyrone M Power and his sidekick Jamie battle with Karla Mendez who is trying to get her deposed father back in charge of a Central American country.
The End Of Civilization
Henry is out of work and desperate. After months of searching he has left his home and two children to look for work in his wife Lily's hometown. Lonely and helpless, Lily befriends a neighbor at the motel. Sandy helps Lily try to find a way out of her mess. Donnie and Max are two detectives who have been put on a recent homicide case, the prime suspect being Henry. These characters are forced to see the truth of their individual situations, all within the confines of this dingy motel.
Tina așteaptă un copil cu Bobby, iar Jill joacă rolul prietenei care încurcă și descurcă relația celor doi. O situație destul de delicată pentru niște adolescenți de 19 ani, și, cu toate astea, atât de întâlnită în zilele noastre! Conflictul principal pare să focalizeze decizia cuplului de a rămâne împreună în situația dată sau nu.
Zastrozzi, The Master of Discipline
The play is set in 1893. Zastrozzi, the master criminal of all Europe and a self-proclaimed atheist, like the character in the 1810 novel and Shelley himself, has focused for nearly three years on the pursuit of revenge against the murderer of his mother, the whimsical, unconstant, and delusively God-obsessed artiste Verezzi. In the Shelley novel, Zastrozzi's mother Olivia is seduced and impregnated by Verezzi's father when she was fifteen, Zastrozzi is the illegitimate son, Verezzi is his half-brother and Olivia dies at thirty in poverty and abandoned, demanding that Zastrozzi avenge her. In both the novel and the play, Zastrozzi, with the help of his heartless protégé Bernardo and his sometimes lover the seductress Matilda, chases Verezzi to a small town in the Italian countryside and engineers an elaborate plot to destroy his enemy. But while Verezzi may be an easy target, his tutor Victor, a former priest, presents a much more difficult challenge for Zastrozzi.

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George F. Walker

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