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Nick, sixteen, becomes involved with a gang and in trying to be accepted leads his friends and parents on a nightmare journey.
Keep Your Nose Clean
Ti'a and Mark are two prisoners sharing a cell. In flashback we find out their crimes and much more as well about our society in general.
Pay You Thursday
Two misfits meet in the Manners Mall and decide to escape south on the ferry. A strange friendship develops.
The evening begins as a celebration of the old gang ten years on and ends as an unsettling night of revelations of both past and present.
Taiki E
A touring band has some serious problems with drugs. Suitable for teenage audiences.
The Way Forward
The play takes place inside and outside an urban Residential Centre for teenagers. the facility houses both serious offenders and a number of youths being held in the Care and Protection Unit. the two units within the compound are seperate from each other, and the teenagers have no contact.
Tommy Swain
A monologue about a man and his addictions. Marked out Vakidis strong, real grasp of character and dialogue and a style of naturalism which is gripping and moving in its honesty and what it reveals of people.
An enormously affecting story about an immigrant family. Warm, passionate and very funny, Tzigane (Romanian for Gypsy) introduces us to a Greek-Romanian New Zealand family whose situation (separated from each other by distance and expectations) speaks to many of us. the New Zealand born children return to the family home for a reunion, where a secret is gradually revealed.

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John Vakidis

John Vakidis s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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