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American Appetites
The façade of an affluent suburban couple crumbles under the weight of tragedy and scandal. When Ian McCullough accidentally pushes his wife through a plate glass window during an argument, the American dream turns into a nightmare.
In this evening of cocktails and dinner, a couple anxiously awaits the arrival of an ex-husband. As the wine glasses are drained, the evening becomes dark and intense, revealing the true colors of the characters in this eerie love triangle.
Black Water: An American Opera
About the Chappaquiddick scandal, this tragic and beautiful new opera enthralls as a handsome Senator uses power to enchant, seduce and carelessly destroy.
Povestea a patru adolescente de 17 ani ce duc o viata normala, insa se schimba brusc dupa ce o cunosc pe Margret 'Legs' Sadovsky. Tinerele formeaza o prietenie neobisnuita dupa ce bat un profesor care le-a hartuit sexual in timpul detentiilor. Sunt supendate timp de 3 saptamani din cauza acuzatiilor nefondate de hartuire sexuala si vatamarea profesorului.
Foxfire. Confesiunile unei găști de fete
1955. Un mic oraș muncitoresc american. Cinci adolescente fac un legământ pe viață: vor trăi după propriile reguli, devenind banda Foxfire. Legs, Maddy, Lana, Rita și Goldie nu mai pot să accepte să fie umilite și discriminate pentru că sunt sărace. Pentru că sunt fete. Conduse de energica Legs, ele fac primul pas pe drumul răzbunării și încearcă să transforme în realitate un vis imposibil, acela de a trăi după propriile reguli și legi, orice-ar fi. Dar un preț trebuie plătit..
Getting to Know You
Heather Matarazzo is brilliantly believable in her role as Judith, an apparently quiet and vulnerable young woman, who we find is strong and resilient once we get to know her better. She, Zach Braff as her brother, Wesley, and Michael Weston as Jimmy, the denizen of the bus station, form the core of this powerful ensemble piece. The characters are played with real personality and a lack of stereotype.
Gulf War
An affluent young couple entertains an older couple for an evening of cocktails and politics during the Gulf War. But as the evening continues, the conversation take a bizarre and absurd tone.
In the Region of Ice
About a sharp-tongued but compassionate nun and a sullen, emotionally disturbed boy. The title refers to the "thawing" process that occurs when the nun attempts to break through Lempert's wall of silence.
Small Avalanches
The tale of a teenage girl's dangerous encounter with a middle-age man. Nancy is a surly 13 year old as she tries to find something to do on a hot summer day. When she is accosted by a strange and aggressively charming man who follows her from the garage, the teenager becomes confused-at once intimidated and flattered by the man's attention. As his intentions become clear and his manner menacing, Nancy escapes the would-be molester by forcing him to chase her through the forest.
Smooth Talk
A free-spirited 15-year-old girl flirts with a dangerous stranger in the Northern California suburbs and must prepare herself for the frightening and traumatic consequences.
The Gathering Squall
On the precipice of adulthood, fourteen-year-old Lisellen Uhlmann is without a man in her life; her father is distant and boys in school ignore her. When Duncan Baits invites her to hang out with his friends, everything changes, and in an instant everything goes drastically wrong. The viewer is left to wonder in the end whether justice has been served or misplaced passion has created still another victim.
The Key
A hilarious perverse encounter between a vacationing suburban housewife, recently separated from her husband, and a prosperous businessman.
The Perfectionist
Tobias Harte is a man obsessed with perfection in everything from ethics to egg salad. Rollicking comedy ensues as Harte struggles with his highly imperfect family and friends.
The Truth Teller
Liberated Hedda arrives home to visit the family estate, ruled by the family’s tyrannical patriarch, “Tiny” Culligan. Tiny doesn’t know what to make of Hedda’s intellectual boyfriend, Saul. But then, Saul doesn’t know what to make of Hedda’s sister, the slinky Maggie, who finds Jewish professors very sexy indeed.
The Woman Who Laughed
Nell Ryder is a sardonic and urbane school teacher transplanted to small-town Michigan. But when she gets into a dispute with an aggrieved parent, Nell finds herself accused of impropriety with one of her adolescent charges.
Tone Cluster
A chilling trig-comedy that takes the form of an interview between a middle-aged, middle-class American couple and the media.
Vengeance: A Love Story
A gulf war veteran seeks vengeance against those who assaulted a single mother.
We Were the Mulvaneys
A sensitive portrayal of one family's journey as they face conflict, fear, tragedy and ultimately, themselves.

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Joyce Carol Oates

Joyce Carol Oates s-a nascut la data de 16 iunie in Lockport -New York, SUA.

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