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67 off 52
Two Black Caps batsmen with a long-standing feud are thrown together in a World Cup Final against Australia, eight wickets down, needing 67 off 52. Throw in a sledging Aussie wicketkeeper, a long suffering Sri Lankan umpire, allegations of match fixing, bodyline bowling, deliberate runouts, absurd mid- pitch arguments and a TV audience of one billion people, and it's a combustible mixture threatening to explode at any time. Somehow the run chase continues though, with the bickering duo in the middle just managing to stay in the hunt, despite each thinking the other is trying to lose. But when it's revealed each of the four participants in the middle were approached by a shady 'businessman' in a Mumbai hotel room two years ago, it makes for a very interesting final few overs, with a billion people watching on none-the-wiser.
Apples for Apia
A group of Kiwi orchard workers are teamed with a group of Samoans on the Pacific Worker's scheme and learn a different attitude to life while fighting a running battle with a tyrannical orchardist.
Central Otago Man
Tryfen Gribilco is a Central Otago farmer who runs a bungy jump platform with his young, by-the-book offsider, Marty Wellings. Tryfen is perfectly untouched by the ravages of political correctness and has an opinion on just about everything which he freely shares with his high profile clients - an urbane Australian senator, and an uptight German UN delegate. But Tryfen is about to get a lesson of his own!
Home Invasion
Ex SAS soldier Peter Methune is renovating a villa when it is broken into by Polynesian youth Taloa Mita. Methune captures Taloa, ties him to a chair for the night and in the morning gives him a choice: be dobbed in to the police, or come work for him helping on the house for a few weeks. Taloa reluctantly agrees to help and as they work Methune mentors him and finds out about his rough upbringing. Despite rocky moments, a bond grows as Methune and Taloa work together, and it turns out that Taloa has things to teach Methune as well.
Tough's Haulage
When the men of the aptly named ‘Tough’s Haulage’ removal firm turn up to shift Remuera socialite Victoria Newsome, the day starts out just fine. But when hidden tensions begin to surface in the crew between conscientious Dave and domineering team leader Markelo, the move takes a turn for the worse, and when cracks also begin to appear in Victoria’s well-groomed life, the day becomes even more fraught. As the shift progresses things finally turn combustible and both Dave and Victoria learn what it takes to confront the problems in their lives and stand up to a bully.

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Justin Eade

Justin Eade s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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