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Carol's Christmas
A contemporary adaptation of Dicken's classic. In place of Scrooge, meet Carol - a successful radio host who rediscovers her Christmas spirit thanks to a few supernatural visitors.
Swollen Tongues
Thomas and his sister Catherine are both receiving instruction in the powers of poetry by their tutor Dr. Wise. While Thomas is more prolific than skilled in his praise of his beloved, Sonja, Catherine is strangely mute. The problem? Catherine is secretly in love with Sonja, too, and has taken the liberty of improving her brother's verses and giving them to Sonja under an assumed name, Overripe...The characters discover that no-one is without secrets, and that poetry can unlock the door to love in unexpected ways.
The Family Way
Claire, a lesbian, and Allan, a gay man, share a house, a loving friendship, and a talent for being desperate and dateless. They are both perfectly happy with their arrangement until Claire's ex-lover, Rose, comes for a visit- with a husband, Peter, and an even bigger surprise. Can any of these relationships survive a weekend?

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Kathleen Oliver

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