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Sam Spud, Private Eye
A parody of the cheap detective novel. Sam Spud is a down-on-his-luck private eye with a fondness for junkfood and cliches. He is convinced that his down-to-earth secretary Jane Reynolds has a crush on him. Lula Baum-Schell, a gorgeous former model and actress, hires Sam to help find her husband, Edward, a wealthy dogfood magnate. Police detective Inspector Oiseau complicates matters because he hates Sam for making him smell bad in the Velveeta Cheese case. Will Sam be able to solve this case before the kidnappers kill Edward? Your guess is as good as ours! A fun, silly noir-style comedy that high schools could really have a blast with!
The Banes of Darkwood
Marjorie returns to Darkwood Hall after receiving a cryptic letter from her adoptive aunt Desdemona Bane, who has an aversion to garlic and direct sunlight. the other members of the Bane family are equally peculiar. Cousin Heathcliff digs in the villagers' flowerbeds whenever there's a full moon. Uncle Lester performs unusual experiments in his laboratory, Cousin Boris raises people-eating plants, Cousin Fenwick thinks he's Adolf Hitler, and Cousin Sylvia hasn't spoken a word since the day of the terrible accident which claimed Margorie's real parents. Todd Warrick, a struggling actor and Margorie's fiance, follows her to Darkwood Hall, intending to rob her wealthy family  with the help of henchmen Fitzie and Higgins. Will Marjorie find out the terrible secret her foster parents have been keeping from her? Will she uncover Todd's true intentions before it's too late? Will she finally acknowledge her true feelings for Heathcliff, her childhood playmate?

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Maureen Ulrich

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